Moody Family Ministries is a helps ministry providing the means for Christians throughout the world to distribute the good news of the scriptures that Jesus saves.

Moody Family Ministries through its divisions helps provide the ammunition, if you will, to the Christian Soldier fighting on the front line, on both foreign and domestic fields.

When secular governments send their armies into various areas, to protect freedom or to help in disasters, they must equip and supply their soldiers. So also must we, as Christians, equip and supply our Christian Soldiers. It is this task the Lord has called us to perform. We are Quartermasters for Christ, a Christian supply depot so to speak; we gather much needed supplies and send them to the troops as they are requested.

Moody Family Ministries provide various means for Churches, Ministries, and Missionaries to obtain tools to help expand or enhance their ministry(ies). These tools include, but are not limited to, printed materials, Bibles, printed shirts, signs, videos, and audio media — using whatever means God allows to reach this lost and dying world with the gospel, the good news that Jesus saves.

The Moody Family
Jack, Susan, James and Crystal